Services Offered by Dr. Ebony

1023 application process and grant writing services are customized to the client's individual needs, so the cost of your services will vary. 

1023 Application Process

• Obtain IRS Nonprofit Employer Identification Number (EIN)

• Complete Articles of Incorporation (Nonprofit Corporation Domestic)

• Strategic Planning (formulate an organizational mission & vision statements)

• Construct Organizational Bylaws

• Complete 1023 Application

• Complete 1023 Application Supplemental Material

• Complete Organization W-9

• Complete State Charity Application 

    (1 year after organizational formation)

• Reinstatement of Tax Exemption Status 

*These steps will benefit Dr. Ebony's clients by ensuring that their 1023 application (also known as 501(c) 3 application) for nonprofit status is done correctly and will be approved on the state and federal level. This process can take between three (3) to six (6) months on online, or six (6) months to 1-year by paper application to complete the entire process. Please expect delays in cases of a government shut down or other unforeseen events that may affect the US government. *

Grant Writing

• Contract six (6) months grant writing services

• Contract one (1) year grant writing services

• Contract to write one (1) large grant

• Grant report completion 

     (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, six months, or annual) 

• Consultant to organizations preparing grants

*Dr. Ebony cannot guarantee that all grants she writes will be approved either partially or fully by the grantor. She can guarantee that if contracted, she will complete the agreed upon number of grants and she will meet corresponding deadlines.* 

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  • Suggest ways to collect and store organizational data 
  • Suggest diverse partnerships  
  • Suggest funding sources
  • Review policies and procedures that are currently in place
  • Review promotional material
  • Will attend requested organizational board meetings (either face-to-face, multimedia, or by phone). 
  • Any additional needs to promote your organization

*Dr. Ebony's forte is working with nonprofit organizations.