Client Information & Instructions


1023 Application Process

1) The organization will be responsible for paying the following organizational  


            A) Articles of Incorporation

            B) 1023 Application

*These are in addition to Dr. Ebony's fees. *

2) Organizations are expected to complete the following:

            A) Have a list of board members, their organizational titles, & contact  


            B) Create an organizational email address (if not included in the  

                 service agreement)  

            C) Review and ratify the organization’s Bylaws

            D) Open a business bank account immediately after your  

                 organization obtains its EIN number and certified Articles of         

                 Incorporation you will need:

                       ➢ Copy of your organization’s EIN Letter

                       ➢ Copy of your Articles of Incorporation

                       ➢ Bring a list of your organization’s board members, titles, and 

                            contact information (mailing address, phone number,  

                            email address)

                        ➢ Copy of your organization’s ratified Bylaws (varies by bank)


1) Grants are not guaranteed, no matter the financial amount your organization

    has requested.

2) Most grants do not pay salaries.

3) The number of grants written depends on three major components:

          • The complexity of each grant application

          • The amount of research required in preparation of the grant

          • Grant application deadline (from date contracted to the due date) 

Dr. Ebony will need the following information to complete most grants:

1) List of Board members with their organizational titles and contact  


2) Copy of your 501(c)3 IRS approval letter

3) Organizational checking account information for grant awards direct   


4) Organizational Needs & Wishlist (Dr. Ebony will turn these into line items)

5) Copy of the mission statement (may also need a vision statement)